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Welcome to P3 Programme

When an unfortunate incident occurs, adrenalin is pumping… everything is overwhelming…

The 24/7/365 care centre of highly trained agents and counsellors are trained for this exact moment. They become the case manager, individually dealing with your specific personal incident… The Trauma Assistance Programme provides invaluable services in reducing the effects of crime associated traumas, such as: Rape, Hijacking, Armed Robbery, Murder, Mugging and Domestic Violence as well as other types of trauma, namely: Witnessing a Suicide, Car Accidents, Bereavement and Natural Disasters.


A call within 24 hours is needed urgently to assist you with instant medication and testing in order to effectively treat the exposure and minimise the risk of a HIV positive result. You will be directed to the closest facility to a specialist with testing and immediate medication managed which will be paid for by P3.


Should the member be in need of telephone counselling, the online counsellor will provide as needed.


If the member is in need of face-to-face counselling the call will be redirected to our nearest and most appropriate trauma counselling centre or counsellor. The counsellors specialise in trauma debriefing and support, whether for short term or emergency counseling services.


The victims will be accompanied to an identity parade, courtroom appearances and HIV testing. Pre-court preparation will be done where needed, especially where children are involved.


The P3 programme is a proactive and highly effective step against HIV exposure that helps our clients minimize the risk that HIV presents. Our record to date is a 100% success rate in preventing HIV infection.

When it comes to HIV exposure, the critical factor is speed and that’s why the difference between having access to the P3 programme, or not, can be the difference between life and death. Having a plan and access to professionals and specific medical assistance, during what could be the most traumatic experience of a person’s life without the added worry of the financial implications, is the kind of peace of mind that should not be limited to a privileged few.
The P3 Personal Protection Programme is possibly South Africa’s most effective tool against accidental  HIV infection, safeguarding the future of all the people that will forge the future of our country.


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